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Lots of news about the first part of the year so more details in News & Press page 


New for this year          

* Honoured to be accepted as a Member of British Guild of Travel Writers
* Excited to be an Inaugural Member of the newly-launched Silver Marketing Association
* Speaker at Birkbeck University London conference on Women and Distance Learning in February 2022
* ready for launch of Health & Safety book for small firms
* Had a great interview with Kate Delaney for America Tonight radio stations - we chatted about the  book on targeting mature travellers and the new release of WWII book Before Hiroshima - listen to it here


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There is an excerpt from the first "Meander Through Wales" project featured in the January edition of EGO magazine 

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Latest title "Managing Health & Safety in a Small Business" published by BEP Ltd (New York publisher) has arrived! Even better, it has a free App to go with the book and lots of Checklists to download. Order on Amazon or email me for more information

managing health & safety, risk assessment, small businesses, guide to health & safety


Current Book Titles

You can find more details about each book on the Titles Available pages, but here is a summary 

POWs, WWII, Military History, Thai-Burma Railway

Before Hiroshima: Forgotten Prisoners of War in Japan, Burma and the Far East

A brief history of what was happening in the Far East during WWII, and stories from those who were taken prisoner by the Japanese as well as their families who were waiting for news of them. 

Just a few copies left of the 2nd edition then Out of Print.

Read a brief excerpt online here.

NOTE: The new version of the book "Before Hiroshima" is published by Chiselbury Publishing: ISBN 978-1-908291-63-9 or Kindle version ISBN 978-1-908291-64-6 - see the review at [email protected] and order through Amazon UK.

Walking Wales: the Art Lover's Guide to Wye Valley Way

Follow Jacqueline as she and her aunt, Jenni, trek 136 miles over 15 days along the Wye Valley Way in Wales. The path follows the River Wye from Chepstow up to the source of the river at Plynlimon in Snowdonia. 

It is a mix of travelogue and memoir as we ventured along this fantastic River, two old ladies wandering around rural Wales!

See the book page for a slide show of places we visited. 

craft books, weaving, peg looms, textiles design

New Peg Loom Weaving book cover

Peg Loom Weaving: All you need to know to get started

First published in 2012 when we made Peg Looms and exhibited at national Craft Fairs, this has now been updated with more reference sources and a new cover. 

Assuming you are not an expert, it covers basic principles of how to set it up, materials you can use, and ideas for your own piece of textile art. 

To see a short excerpt from the book follow this link 

Felt ​Making: All you need to know to get started

A companion book to Peg Loom Weaving, it goes through basic principles of wet felting and the process to make a piece of felted fabric.

No special equipment is needed, just a worktop, some plastic sheet or bubble-wrap and hot soapy water. The power source is basically "your elbow"! 

To see a short excerpt from the book follow this link 

10 Ps of Managing Risks Post-Brexit: 10 Basic Principles

This is aimed at small firms with little or no in-house expertise in managing risks, and is based on a Check List approach. The cover picture shows window cleaners abseiling down the front of the Blue Tower in Malta - presumably having done their own risk assessment! A new updated version has been commissioned by publishers Taylor Francis so this one will no longer be available. 

4 Art Resource Books published by BLURB

A series of Art Resource books, photographs of interesting, unusual objects that will inspire you to sketch or paint them!

1. Inspiring Doors - an Art Resource Book. Lots of less-than-perfect doors with fascinating textures, peeling paint, odd shapes

2. Through a Window - an Art Resource Book. Distant scenes through windows or doors, inviting you to use your imagination

3. Reflections: A Distorted Reality - an Art Resource Book. Abstract patterns, colours and shapes reflected in glass or water

4. The Natural World - an Art Resource Book. Credited to my husband Leslie, detailed photographs of butterflies and plants

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art books, photography, photobooks

Informative Book Titles

Lots of informative books on anything from WWII prisoners of war, learning a craft or delving into Art Resource books, exploring the world, to planning a long-distance trek in Wales.

Business Books

Based on many years experience as a Management Training Consultant, writer and tutor, Jacqueline's books offer practical advice and guidance. Look out for books  on Health & Safety Risk Management and Marketing Strategies to Target the Mature Travel sector.

Ordering Books

All of the Books listed are available directly through the links here or from www.pencoedpublishing.co.uk 

or through book distributors Gardners Books for commercial orders (UK). 

Contact us for overseas orders

travel reviews, Finland, Northern Lights

Travel Reviews

Read regular reviews on exciting places to visit, sampling the local food and wine, enjoying a show, or developing your knowledge of the Arts. 

Have a great place you would like us to review? let me know.

Beautiful places around the world - part of my Travel Reviews

Niagara Falls, Canada

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Finnish Lapland

Wye Valley Way, Wales UK