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Book Editing

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Review & Edit Papers


Editing service for Authors

So, you have your book in draft form - congratulations!

You just need someone to have a look at it and see if it is ready for publication

For a basic Editing Service, send it over and get some feedback on 

Where to Go From Here

"The Descendants" is an example of our editing service, getting the Family History print-ready for Jennifer

Quick turnaround basic price: £50.00

Email to: [email protected] 

Development Editing Service

You have written your book but not sure whether it is ready?

A Development Editor will go through the text, see where sections need to be re-arranged, where images should be, and generally make sure it reads well.

For Development Editing Service, send it over and get a detailed review and suggested amendments about what it needs to be Print Ready

Basic price: £250:00

Email to: [email protected] 

Review and Edit Dissertations or Essays​

If you need someone to read through your dissertation or essay before submitting it for Assessment, to highlight any structural or language issues that could be improved, as an academic to post-graduate level I am happy to look it over.

Up to 5,000 words Basic price: £50.00

Up to 10,000 words Basic price: £100.00

Email to: [email protected]