Jacqueline Jeynes 

Author, Editor and Publisher

pencil & ink outline sketch
watercolour & ink wash
final image

Completed the Domestika online course on Architectural drawing with Watercolour and Ink so here are a few of the images from that. I always like to use pen and ink for sketching, and watercolour, but am not really good at the perspective thing!

It was an enjoyable course so even if you already use these techniques there may be one or two tips that you haven't thought of before. One of the things I find most difficult is how big the angles can be when showing the perspective lines from a corner of a building. 

There are lots of online courses to try, but  do like the Domestika.com site. October is Sketching Month apparently, so I thought it was time to get back into the habit of regularly sketching and joined up. There is a prize draw at the end if you submit an image every day, but as I am unlikely to actually win anything, this is just for me. 31 Days 31 Drawings

After a hesitant start, I soon got back into using my favourite pen and ink wash with some watercolour added. Even better, I decided to work through my photobook "Inspiring Doors" which is intended to be an Art resource . Here are a few examples so far, all of them drawn in my hand-made sketch book. See lots of images on their site #DMSTK31dias31dibujos