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News and Projects

Keeping you up-to-date with all my projects and where you can maybe join in

October and November have been busy - despite the various forms of lockdown and cancelled holidays! There are always new things to learn even if you have been working in a medium like watercolour for a long time, so the latest courses have been great. 

#DMSTK31dias31dibujos - 31 days of October producing a sketch each day was definitely the way to get back into sketching again. 


At the same time, I started the Watercolour Portraits with Domestika - an excellent course with a brilliant tutor Ale Casanova and am now on my final portrait. This one is of Leslie and after the practice ones I can confirm that you really do not want to choose a pose where the sitter is showing their teeth. Very creepy!

This is the first stage of his portrait with underlayer of green, so we will have to see if the next layers improve it!

watercolour portrait, first layer green
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 Latest News

November 2020

There is a monthly Newsletter from Pen Coed Publishing, around the 15th of each month, including a featured book and author. Sign up using their Contact form to make sure you receive it direct to your email inbox. They are also offering the chance to get a free copy of a book each month, plus special November Order offer - £5 off each title!

The monthly Writing Notes Newsletter is going well, around the beginning of each month, including Reviews on Travel, the Arts, Tips on Writing Non-Fiction, and information on courses available. Sign up for this one using the Contact form and let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to feature. Note they are different Newsletters so you can sign up for both!

Targeting the mature traveler

Waiting for my new book to be released in the US

Release date: end of October 2020

Targeting the Mature Traveler: Developing Strategies for an Emerging Market

Dr Jacqueline Jeynes

Definitely excited now as the latest book is currently with the publisher/printers in New York ready for release by September. 

Business Expert Press (BEP) distributes to Universities in America as well as through the usual book sales channels internationally. I have been collating details of contacts, Universities that offer Tourism or Marketing degrees, and the Travel industry Press to make sure they are included in BEP's marketing activities.

More information in the Newsletter and social media posts, but let me know if you know of any organisation that would be interested in seeing details of the book.

Email me or use the Contact form

history of art courses, distance learning, Aberystwyth University  Lifelong learning

There is a PowerPoint presentation for the Contemporary Art course - "Is Painting alive or dead?" - on the Additional Resources page.

history of art courses, Welsh portraiture, distance learning, Aberystwyth University lifelong learning
History of Art courses, distance learning, Aberystwyth University Lifelong Learning

There is a PowerPoint presentation about the History of Art course on the Additional Resource page to give you an idea of what it covers

Davies sisters, modern art collections, Museum of Wales Cardiff, Aberystwyth University lifelong learning

Let me know by email or Contact form if you are 

interested in the Davies sisters module -

 we only need 6-8 people to run it. There is a PowerPoint presentation on the Additional Resources page and a free Taster Session here as well as the University website.

Distance Learning Art History courses

Aberystwyth University - Lifelong Learning

As the writer and tutor on the 4 Distance Learning History of Art modules for Aberystwyth University - 10 Credit courses that can form part of the Certificate in Higher Education - I am always impressed by the quality of work submitted by my students.

We have finished the History of Art module, and the Welsh Portraiture: The Welsh Depicted modules for 2020 in some very difficult circumstances for students of course.

We have started the Historical Perspective on Contemporary Art module, with the end date 29th March 2021.

I have just finished a full revision of the Course Books so we are all set to go with all the modules over 2020-2021. You can can now enrol for all the distance learning modules at the Aberystwyth University Online Shop.

Just as exciting is the repeat of The Welsh Depicted module in February 2021, again with a revision of the Course Book, so maybe think about enrolling to get the  new year off to a flying start!  

Find details at Aberystwyth University website

An extra module in the series is about the Davies sisters and their fantastic collection of 'Modern' art donated to the Welsh people. The collections are  housed in Cardiff National Museum of Wales, the National Library of Wales and Aberystwyth University School of Art.

This has had a complete overhaul, so I am pleased to say that it is ready to go if we can spread the word to run the module. The course looks at how and why Gwendoline and Margaret Davies collected these major artworks, their life in Powys, mid-Wales, and features many of the artworks in detail.