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Peg Loom Weaving: All you need to know to get started

ISBN: 978-0-9926100-0-5

This was published in 2012 for a specific Craft market sector as we made different-sized Peg Looms and sold them at craft shows around the UK. It was clear at the time that there were leaflets and small booklets with guidance on the process of Peg Loom weaving, but nothing as a spiral bound lie flat book. So here it is!

We published it ourselves, not sure how long it would be of interest, but it is still sold regularly online as there are few others that cover peg loom weaving in such detail. 

It takes you step by step from washing and preparing raw fleece, using fabric torn into strips, and basically using any fibre or yarn to weave around the pegs. Most customers are surprised at the range of items you can make, not just straight pieces for scarves or rugs. We occasionally have peg looms available for sale as well as the book, so email us for more information.

Makes a perfect present for any age, from children to elderly to those who have a condition that restricts movement. For instance, we have used it with a group of patients who had suffered a stroke, textiles students, and very small children at the Craft Fairs. 

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NOTE: A similar book in the series is now published: 

Felt M‚Äčaking: all you need to know to                      get started

 ISBN: 978-1-999835-2-4-8

This is a companion book to the one on Peg Loom Weaving, which is still so popular, in the same format as the spiral bound book is easier when you are trying out any new technique. It has full colour illustrations on every page and information on how the process of felt making works. 

Lots of extra details about the different types of fleece you can felt, and the different ways in which they might react. It starts from the assumption that you may be completely new to felt making, then moves on to show a wide range of more detailed felted items to make including some full-size ladies' jackets - all unique of course.

A perfect option if you have access to a regular supply of sheep's fleece or can purchase the beautiful ready-dyed Merino fleece from online suppliers such as Wingham Wool Works. No special equipment is needed and the only source of energy is your "elbow"!

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order at Amazon UK

Order the book at Amazon UK

craft books, weaving, peg looms
raft books, weaving, peg looms
craft books, felt making, textiles design
craft books, felt making, textiles design
textiles design, felt making, craft books

Set out several layers of fibres ready to add hot soapy water, cover with net or clingfilm, then work the surface until the fibres start to shrink and felt